Effective Counselling History & Marriage / Couples Course Description

Having survived a keen interest in psychoanalysis in the 50s, and 4 years intensive study in the early 60’s, I launched myself on the public at a time in England where any suggestion of an alternative view of medicine, let alone emotional/mental health was met with a wall of scepticism & disbelief, if not outright hostility! Fortunately, for me, and the many hundreds of subsequent clients, I have been wounded from time to time but never ever even vaguely deterred!

As I slip seamlessly through the decades into my 5th as a psychotherapist/counsellor, and my 7th as a concerned human being, the focus of my attention has moved increasingly onto human relationships in general, and marriage / couples counselling in particular, as being an area of deep universal concern and little real understanding.

When one assesses the therapeutic approach to marriage counselling over the years, it is evident that the main focus of attention has remained where it has always been; on the major issues, chronic difficulties, and disturbing events dividing the couple. At first glance this seems to be a thoroughly reasonable course of action. However, on closer inspection, the number of couples that don’t complete the therapy, or give up after one or two sessions, leads one to the conclusion that all is not well with the approach offered.

When asking the question “what could cause such a poor completion rate” in couples desperate to find a solution to their problem, two things stand out above all others!

  1. One or other of the parties – very often the male (but by no means always) can be relatively unwilling to attend the session from the start, or having turned up rather than upset the partner further, will find it all too difficult to open up to an unfamiliar 3rd person with whom they may not feel at all comfortable! This, fundamentally for them, is far too steep a therapeutic gradient! In emotional terms it could be likened to offering an advanced mathematics test to a child on his first day at junior school – overwhelming!
  2. Many clients when asked initially to summarise the principal difficulty with the marriage answer “we can’t/don’t communicate” yet this is rarely, if ever, addressed!

The Effective Marriage / Couples Course provides a perfect gradient, because it is designed to bypass the existing difficulties which are largely consequences of poor communication and a lack of understanding of the actual mechanics at work in human relationships.

When the short-course is completed the communication between the couple is often so dramatically improved that the couple are able to talk together about things which were previously too uncomfortable to handle! Thus at this point, the couple and myself will be in a much better position to assess whether or not any further action needs to be taken.

This usually depends upon how much emotional damage the couple have done to each other during the difficult moments in their joint history, and whether these can be overcome by the new understandings and improved interaction afforded by the couple’s course!

In conclusion, and as a result of my long years of experience, I have been able to put together material that is so potent that many couples have been able, as a result, to change their relationship to such a degree that they feel they have achieved their purpose for seeking help!

Because I am so confident of the effectiveness of the Marriage / Couples Course, I am happy to be able to offer a full money back guarantee!

A therapeutic first, I believe!

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