There is a common misconception that largely all that can be done for a patient with an anger problem is to offer coping strategies of one kind or another. As a practitioner of over 40 years experience, I can say categorically that not only is this patently not so, but it is also selling patients short, who may well as a consequence be condemned to a lifetime of fighting a degrading, pernicious, and disruptive behaviour pattern.

At Effective Counselling, we of course use coping strategies from time to time particularly early on in treatment. But much more importantly, we expect to reduce the reliance on anger, as a way of dealing with events at critical stress moments in life, by reducing the negative forces in the mind which drives this behaviour forward and overwhelms the patient into following and dramatising its destructive behavioural demands!

As with all our therapy work, we seek primarily to eliminate the presenting condition, rather than simply settling for offering a palliative.

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