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This revolutionary approach to marriage counselling dramatically improves the quality of the communication between couples.
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The Course Will Help You...
The course will help you to: Understand the true causes of marital difficulties, gain insights necessary to restore quality communication, rehabilitate the relationship and find love again.

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Communication, at the beginning of a relationship, is invariably of a high order – nurturing, enhancing, tactile, with intense and prolonged eye contact etc. When a couple enter the consulting room it is soon apparent that the communication has become chronically negative, with none of the positive content, and instead bickering and point scoring where there was once harmony.
The dawning recognition that in this world there is always a consequence attendant upon ones actions or inactions, quickly begins to bring about an understanding that one has much more influence over one's partner's emotional state and response than one had previous thought, and therefore by instead of endlessly attempting unsuccessfully to change one's partners behaviour, one can much more readily change it by changing one's own.
As this new understanding begins to manifest itself in a change of behaviour for both parties, so the relationship begins to blossom again and communication becomes much more comfortable. Where there was fighting, one finds love again.
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How long will the course last?
The course involves 2 meetings lasting 1 - 1½ hours each, between the couple and the counseller. The couple will also be assigned some observational tasks to confirm and backup what has been learnt.

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