Dear Friends,

Peter unfortunately experienced a period of poor health starting in November 2017. He was unable to work throughout this period, and at times was unable to answer the phone and reply to emails. In April he was admitted to Worthing hospital, where the staff took fantastic care of him. Sadly though, he gradually took a turn for the worse, and eventually passed away on the 25th of May.

Peter would want me to thank everybody with whom he has come into contact over the years through his work. He absolutely loved helping people, and made some very close friends throughout his time working as a counsellor. He was so proud of the volumes of testimonials he received from his clients, and he was ever so grateful towards them for allowing him to fulfil what he felt was his life's purpose.

If you would like details of Peter's funeral, or would like to send a message to his family, you can get in touch here.

Thank you.