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How it Works...
The course will help you to: Understand the true causes of marital difficulties, gain insights necessary to restore quality communication, rehabilitate the relationship and find love again.

In More Detail...
The un-confronted emotional debris of distressing experiences and relationships can become triggered by people and events of a vaguely similar nature. This inhibits current action and interaction with people and things, forcing one to re-enact old patterns of behaviour. When these patterns are recognised and addressed with the help of a competent and experienced therapist, the client will experience palpable relief, a resurgence of confidence, self esteem, and well-being.

Who is it suited for?

Here at Effective Counselling we offer fast effective delivery of quality individually tailored sessions designed to speedily rehabilitate clients suffering the effects of:

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For more detailed information on specific problems, try the articles page - I may have written one specific for your particular problem.

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